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Michael Lee Steenbergen for Granite Shoals Texas City Council Place Three (3)

Vote Michael Lee Steenbergen for Place Three in the Granite Shoals Texas City Council Election

Michael Steenbergen was born in Springfield, Missouri in 1956. At the age of ten his family moved to the Kansas City area in Kansas. At age twelve Steenbergen moved to San Antonio, Texas and two years later he moved [...]

Texas Democratic Party Activist Abused by Democratic Party State Committee Fights Back – Calls for Civil War Among Democrats

The State Committee of the Texas Democratic Party has degraded the true meaning of being a member of the Democratic Party.  Running the Party like a mini “mafioso”, the true Democrats of Texas have been sidelined in favor of a corrupt and self empowering group that have money and power as their most apparent [...]

Please join Hidalgo County Democratic Women For our Summer Membership Luncheon

Please join Hidalgo County Democratic Women for our Summer Membership Luncheon All Democrats Welcome

Our Special Guest: The Honorable Lupe Valdez Sheriff, Dallas County

With remarks by Olga Maldonado, Mercedes Police Chief

Saturday, July 12 Noon – 2:00 p.m. Costa Mesa Restaurant, 1800 South Main St., McAllen (Main and Exp. 83 Frontage)

Sheriff Lupe Valdez [...]

Generation Party Democratic Caucus Endorses Dr. David Alameel for U.S. Senate (Texas)

In an effort to create a better government for the United States, the Generation Party Democratic Caucus endorses Dr. David Alameel for Senator from Texas in the November 2014 general election.   His background in business and success in financial development qualify him as an educated and effective candidate for U.S. Senator.  Please learn more about [...]

Texas Democrats Burn Midnight, Daytime, and All Time Oil in Fight to Unseat Republicans

One of many events attended by Generation Party Democratic Caucus Officers was an after party at the “W” in Austin Texas followed by dinner at the “16″.  The W event was for a group of specially invited Democratic Party candidates and activists. considered to be among the most loyal and faithful Texas Democratic Party members.


Voting Rights Act - Texas Lawsuit

Read the Texas Attorney Generals discriminatory and racist 54 page brief on why it is acceptable to disenfranchise minority voters if they are Democrats.

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Email Campaigns Major Breakthrough for GenParty!

Email Campaigns Major Breakthrough for GenParty!



A Call to Resist Oppression and Tyranny by the Governor of Texas Rick Perry

There are some  serious political actions occurring in Texas right now. Our last two posts are to break the bugle call to battle with a last moment of relaxation and friendship. It is about to get very serious here in Texas when the Governor strikes out on his own against the will of the State’s [...]

Declaration of War on the Republican Party of Texas

Declaration of War on the Republican Party of Texas

As sentiments have become incensed over the last two years at the Texas Republican ‘rape of Texas’ by using it to create political agenda, opposing the Federal government at every turn, lawsuit after lawsuit to gain publicity for our  self serving Texas executive leadership.

Coming soon [...]

Meet Battleground Texas Luncheon with Austin Environmental Democrats

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A Note for Texas Republicans

Vote out the Republican Party Obstructionists!

Vote Out the Republican Party Obstructionists

Democratic Party Donkey

GenParty Sponsors – The Dilemma of Economic Theories by Vern Turner

Vernon Turner, Texas Writer

Vernon Turner, Texas Writer



The Dilemma of Economic Theories by Vern Turner

There are many gloom and doom artists out there writing about t

he demise of our world conflicts in economics and social behaviors. I have quoted several books, articles and authors in [...]

Go For Broke: Doubling Down on a Democratic Texas

The Secretary Treasurer of the Generation Party Democratic Caucus has been a domain broker for over 20 years now and is leading an internet offensive against the Republican Party in Texas.  In this role, Michael Steenbergen did not blink an eye or flicker even a finger as he led GenParty in purchasing the entire sweep [...]

National Democrats Start “Battle Ground Texas” Project: Invest Millions


National Democrats are taking steps to create a large-scale independent group aimed at turning traditionally conservative Texas into a prime electoral battleground, crafting a new initiative to identify and mobilize progressive voters in the rapidly-changing state, strategists familiar with the plans told POLITICO.

The organization, dubbed “Battleground Texas,” plans to engage the state’s rapidly [...]

Generation Party Democratic Caucus Experiences Phenomenal Growth

Generation Party Democratic Caucus Experiences Phenomenal Growth in Reach The GenParty just keeps growing and growing. Thank you to everyone that follows our posts and ideas, whether you agree or not, Dialogue is Democracy. We appreciate every visit. – Michael Steenbergen, Treasurer, James Phoenix, Co-chair and Tracy Brownlee, Co-chair, GenParty Officers for 2013

Generation [...]

“Mr. Speaker! Mr. Speaker!” by Michael Steenbergen

“Mr. Speaker! Mr. Speaker! 

History forces Vice President Al Gore to supervise and certify his own usurpation as the winner of the 2000 US Presidential Election. * “Mr. Speaker, Mr. Speaker”

Or “How to Steal a Presidential Election and Force the Victim to Announce You Winner”

Starring Vice President Al Gore and Featuring the [...]

President Barack Obama in the Inaugural Parade

GenParty co-founder, Rosalie Weisfeld, took this personal photograph of President Barack Obama just a few hours ago during the Inaugural Parade!  We are so proud of you, Rosalie!

President Barack Obama in the 2013 Inaugural Parade


The Generation Party Democratic Caucus in Action

Highlights from 2012 The Generation Party Democratic Caucus in Action Michael Steenbergen and Leslie Gower, two of the three original founders of the Generation Party Democratic Caucus, meet with Hon. Gilberto Hinojosa in Austin Texas at the Texas Democratic Women’s Annual Convention. Judge Hinojosa successfully campaigned for the Chair of the Texas [...]