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About Us

The Generation Party Democratic Caucus comprises a diverse group of liberal and progressive Democrats spread over a large geographical area.  Currently the group focuses on political issues that affect the entire nation and in particular:  Texas, Nevada, California, New York and Kansas.  The group is registered in Texas and is officially known as the Generationist Political Action Committee and also by the legal acronym GENPAC.  Attempts were made to first file as a third party, and then, secondly to file as a political action committee during 2011.  Final organization did not occur until January of 2012.  At that time the name and acronym of the PAC were recognized by the State of Texas and the Federal Government.  The State of Texas Ethics Commission ID is 000068154.

The inspiration for this group was the 2010 campaign of Ms. Linda Chavez-Thompson for the Lieutenant Governor of Texas.  Leslie Gower, Court Mediator with a Psychology Degree from the University of Texas and a Masters in Business Administration, along with /Rosalie Weisfeld, South Texas political organizer,  enlisted Microsoft Certified web developer Michael Steenbergen to make their causes known on the web.  As a life long Democratic Party supporter, a ‘Kennedy Democrat’ as he called himself, Michael Steenbergen was well suited for the task..  Tirelessly, the three, representing the Hidalgo County Texas Democratic Women out of McAllen Texas, campaigned for Ms Chavez- Thompson.  Rosalie and Leslie also worked for, or at least as liaison with, the Bill White Gubernatorial campaign of 2010.

Somewhere in this time period, an evil political ‘monster’ was given birth named “Citizens Vs United”.  Rosalie, Leslie and Michael watched as their well received campaign efforts were buried in a mass of negative and unlimited anti Democratic P
Arty, and anti Bill White propaganda.  Linda Chavez-Thompson was buried beneath an avalanche of Dewurst ads .  Not unlike the famous Alamo battle, Texas Democrats were out moneyed, out numbered and out media maneuvered by an overwhelming Republican Party bankroll.  The political slaughter was merciless and clearly due to the Supreme Court decision and the literal 24/7 flooding of media with Perry/Dewhurst ads.

Our plans to fight back


Birth of this group


Women’s rights, gun safety, term limits and electoral reform are platform agenda items for the group.  Electing candidates in Central and South Texas was also an ‘on the ground’ goal for the group and its leaders during the past 2012 election year.  The Spirit of Texas Rally or more appropriately, The Spirit of Texas Democratic Party Rally was held by the group on May 19th in Marble Falls Texas, and was its signature event for the year.

Keynote speaker, labor leader Linda Chavez-Thompson opened the ceremonies by reading a letter from Congressman Lloyd Doggett, expressly calling for a change in the Hills of Texas to a ‘blue that was bluer than bluebonnets in spring.’  [list speakers]