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Michael Lee Steenbergen for Granite Shoals Texas City Council Place Three (3)

Vote Michael Lee Steenbergen for Place Three in the Granite Shoals Texas City Council Election

Vote Michael Lee Steenbergen for Place Three in the Granite Shoals Texas City Council Election

Michael Steenbergen was born in Springfield, Missouri in 1956. At the age of ten his family moved to the Kansas City area in Kansas. At age twelve Steenbergen moved to San Antonio, Texas and two years later he moved to McAllen, Texas where he completed high school, graduating with honors and two full academic scholarships to Texas colleges. The scholarships were based on his high GPA and public speaking including 4 years on the debate team. He selected the scholarship to the University of Texas where he completed 90 hours towards a government degree before he moved to Arkansas where he joined his family in opening Spring Crest Drapery Center as a ¼ stock holder and partner.

In 1980, Michael Steenbergen moved back to Texas and continued selling products for the family business until 1983 when his family invested in a new business franchise venture called Fantastic Sam’s. Starting with the purchase of three store outlets in Austin, Texas, Steenbergen and his family expanded to 12 outlets and two cities (6 stores in Austin and 6 stores in San Antonio.) Michael became the regional manager of the business and developed extensive business skills over the almost ten years he ran the stores. Steenbergen handled everything from designing advertising campaigns to running construction crews for the finish out of new lease locations. He wrote a detailed employment manual based on Texas employment law which was upheld through dozens of State administrative decisions over the years. He also handled employee relations, training, payroll, and tax preparations. During the expansion of this business, Steenbergen and his family became an independent Texas company called Shears Plus.

When the matriarch of his family sold the family business, Steenbergen turned his interests toward computers and became a Microsoft Certified Professional in internet development. He established a personal business called Web-a-dex Internet Services where he continued to use his management skills as he offered web site building and internet ranking services. He moved to Lago Vista, Texas where he continued as a web site consultant.

When the family purchased CJ’s Gifts in Marble Falls Texas in 2006, Steenbergen moved to the area where he managed the business and still continued with web development contracts. He expanded the gift shop into the t-shirt business using graphic skills he learned in web site construction. While he was operating the business they landed several large clients including HEB in Marble Falls and Huber International.

In 2010, Michael Steenbergen used all of his life skills and became a political consultant. Since that time he has worked with campaigns and political groups, including elections ranging from Lieutenant Governor to several U.S. Congressional elections. His last major political project was the campaign of Dr. Marco Montoya for United States Congress in 2014 where he served as a key staff member. Michael now works part time for Advantage Sales and Marketing, and continues with his political consulting. He is currently running for City Council in Granite Shoals, Texas.

He has served as both an Election Judge and Election Clerk for Burnet County in the 2010 and 2012 election cycles respectively. He performed these duties at the Granite Shoals Fire Station in Precinct 18. From 2010 to 2014 Steenbergen served as a Deputy Voter Registrar for Burnet County.

Having worked with several US Congressional campaigns, Michael Lee Steenbergen comes to the Granite Shoals City Council election with a background of political activism using modern technology.

Steenbergen sees a lack of Hispanic voter input in a city that is predominately Hispanic. Being bilingual, from the border of Texas, Steenbergen has always promoted voter input from all voters.

Engaging the citizens of Granite Shoals in City Council and Government activities should be given high priority. Democracy works best if the eligible voting population is directly engaged through both social and political gatherings. A City funded “Festival” should be developed.

The City needs to create an atmosphere of openness and welcoming towards businesses. City government preventing R and R Appliances from moving into our area appears unfair and without a proper foundation. Preventing other business development has been counterproductive to healthy growth for Granite Shoals. Ryder’s Bar and Grill was shackled with early closing hours, preventing its ability to compete on equal basis with other similar businesses in the area.

Efforts to develop a modern waste-water system should continue.

The roads need to be developed and engineered for the future.

The possibility of investing in a golf course at the same time as an effluent system is implemented should be considered.

The parks and sports activities for youth such as basketball courts, baseball diamonds, soccer fields, volleyball nets should all be developed further.

The investment in the City Hall and property should be maximized for the greatest return for local citizens.

Steenbergen continues to review the records of City Government as regards both past and proposed actions.

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Michael Lee Steenbergen for Granite Shoals Texas City Council Place Three  (3)

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