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A Call to Resist Oppression and Tyranny by the Governor of Texas Rick Perry

There are someĀ  serious political actions occurring in Texas right now. Our last two posts are to break the bugle call to battle with a last moment of relaxation and friendship. It is about to get very serious here in Texas when the Governor strikes out on his own against the will of the State’s electorate and confronts the Federal Government at every level. It will soon be time to forget the decades of tolerance and indifference to the literal raping of the resources and wealth of this nation and our States. It is not just a Texas problem anymore. The Governor Rick Perry has set this State on a course towards civil war itself, an abominable thought in this modern world. Join with us as we stand against his tyranny. We are the 99%. Do not ever forget it!


Michael Steenbergen, Co-founder of the Generation Party Democratic Caucus

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