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Battleground Texas - The Line in the Sand is Drawn

The Line in the Sand
by Michael Steenbergen – FebruarBattleground-Texasy 26, 2013
Generation Party Democratic Caucus

Battleground Texas had a fantastic first day of ‘fighting’ yesterday! News reports and media appearances heralded the arrival of the Battleground Texas executive team in Austin, Texas to launch the project. From morning News shows to late night talk shows, Battleground Texas was the ‘talk of the town’ across the state and the nation, invoking immediate blustering and challenges from Texas Republican Party members, including the Governor. A line in the sand has truly been drawn, and Battleground Texas is asking citizens of the state to step across it and help with the fight for the Democratic Party side.

Some of the media commentary and appearances yesterday and today …

CBS: Could Texas become a swing state?

ABC: Democrats Advance Effort to Turn Texas Blue

Washington Post: Obama campaign veterans launch effort to turn Lone Star State blue

Colbert Report: Battleground Texas – Jeremy Bird

Perry issues challenge to “Battleground Texas” swing state effort

Chad’s Morning Brief: Battleground Texas Launches

Obama political operatives relocate to “Battleground Texas” to make it a swing-state

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