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Vote out the Republican Party Obstructionists!

Vote Out the Republican Party Obstructionists

Vote Out the Republican Party Obstructionists

1 comment to Vote out the Republican Party Obstructionists!

  • Pat

    Lobbying states to recall, and not reelect these tea party obstructionists before they destroy the nation seems only reasonable.

    Dems are either unified or not, and will allow state reps to end America as we know it. The obstructionists have destroyed the treasury with the banking bail outs, foreclosed homes, destroyed jobs, and now come for Medicare and SS, or to privatize it.

    American can no longer afford the oligarchy has imposed upon America for their benefit and their wealthy friends. Ending the corporate person and withdrawing company subsidies is the only way to restore real Americans to the focus of whom to help in America.

    Lobbying the rogue states may be the only way to achieve a Congress that works for America, not the special interests funding those Manchurian candidates. America cannot afford to lose more to Wall Street. End the pattern by ending the Tea Party takeover of America by 2014. Until then, America may need a shutdown to prevent continued embezzlement and theft.

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