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National Democrats Start “Battle Ground Texas” Project: Invest Millions


National Democrats are taking steps to create a large-scale independent group aimed at turning traditionally conservative Texas into a prime electoral battleground, crafting a new initiative to identify and mobilize progressive voters in the rapidly-changing state, strategists familiar with the plans told POLITICO.

The organization, dubbed “Battleground Texas,” plans to engage the state’s rapidly growing Latino population, as well as African-American voters and other Democratic-leaning constituencies that have been underrepresented at the ballot box in recent cycles. Two sources said the contemplated budget would run into the tens of millions of dollars over several years – a project Democrats hope has enough heft to help turn what has long been an electoral pipe dream into reality.

BREAKING NEWS UPDATE: GenParty purchases http://battlegroundtexas.info/

Makes Bid for Major Role in Battle!

Democrats Make Stand at “Battle Ground Texas”: Draw Blue Line in the Sand

1 comment to National Democrats Start “Battle Ground Texas” Project: Invest Millions

  • carleen wilkinson

    please tell me a phone contact.
    my friend lives in FT worth and she does not have internet, but wants to join the effort to turn Texas blue.
    thank you

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