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"Mr. Speaker!  Mr. Speaker!"

“Mr. Speaker, Mr. Speaker”

Or “How to Steal a Presidential Election and Force the Victim to Announce You Winner”

Starring Vice President Al Gore and Featuring the United States Congress in Joint Session (Both by Quotation Directly from the Congressional Record)

Also Starring in Abstencia: George and Jeb, the Bush Boys, and The Supremes (Court) (Again Both Groups by Direct Reference in the Congressional Record)

A One Act Coup D’état
copyright 2011 by Michael Steenbergen

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  • We were searching for solution to climate change and came across your MrSpeaker « The Generation Party Democratic Caucus of Texas – GenParty, GenPAC page. My greatest worry is power, unless we stop using coal the world is going to be in dire danger.
    We are surprised scientists are not looking at using more renewable energy like Tidal Energy kind of like CROWD ENERGY. If we dont fix this problem now its going to get worse.
    Have a nice day, Choy

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