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Please join Hidalgo County Democratic Women For our Summer Membership Luncheon

Please join Hidalgo County Democratic Women for our Summer Membership Luncheon
All Democrats Welcome

Our Special Guest:
The Honorable Lupe Valdez
Sheriff, Dallas County

With remarks by Olga Maldonado, Mercedes Police Chief

Saturday, July 12
Noon – 2:00 p.m.
Costa Mesa Restaurant,
1800 South Main St., McAllen (Main and Exp. 83 Frontage)

Sheriff Lupe Valdez supervises the chief law enforcement agency in Dallas County and the 7th largest jail in the United States. She is nationally acclaimed for her reforms within the department, previously mired in corruption, low morale and human rights violations. Now in her third term, Sheriff Valdez is the first Democrat to hold the office in 25 years. She is noted for:
First and Only Latina Sheriff in the United States
Democratic National Committee Member
Immigration Reform Committee
Texas Democratic Women Member
Recipient of TDW’s 2013 Mae Jackson Female Elected Official Award

Lunch plates available
RSVP appreciated, not required:


Generation Party Democratic Caucus Endorses Dr. David Alameel for U.S. Senate (Texas)

In an effort to create a better government for the United States, the Generation Party Democratic Caucus endorses Dr. David Alameel for Senator from Texas in the November 2014 general election.   His background in business and success in financial development qualify him as an educated and effective candidate for U.S. Senator.  Please learn more about Dr. Alameel at http://alameelforsenate.com/



Texas Democrats Burn Midnight, Daytime, and All Time Oil in Fight to Unseat Republicans

One of many events attended by Generation Party Democratic Caucus Officers was an after party at the “W” in Austin Texas followed by dinner at the “16″.  The W event was for a group of specially invited Democratic Party candidates and activists. considered to be among the most loyal and faithful Texas Democratic Party members.

Democratic Party Officers and Candiates at W in austinat the W

Voting Rights Act - Texas Lawsuit

Read the Texas Attorney Generals discriminatory and racist 54 page brief on why it is acceptable to disenfranchise minority voters if they are Democrats.

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Email Campaigns Major Breakthrough for GenParty!

Email Campaigns Major Breakthrough for GenParty!




A Call to Resist Oppression and Tyranny by the Governor of Texas Rick Perry

There are some  serious political actions occurring in Texas right now. Our last two posts are to break the bugle call to battle with a last moment of relaxation and friendship. It is about to get very serious here in Texas when the Governor strikes out on his own against the will of the State’s electorate and confronts the Federal Government at every level. It will soon be time to forget the decades of tolerance and indifference to the literal raping of the resources and wealth of this nation and our States. It is not just a Texas problem anymore. The Governor Rick Perry has set this State on a course towards civil war itself, an abominable thought in this modern world. Join with us as we stand against his tyranny. We are the 99%. Do not ever forget it!


Michael Steenbergen, Co-founder of the Generation Party Democratic Caucus

Declaration of War on the Republican Party of Texas

Declaration of War on the Republican Party of Texas

As sentiments have become incensed over the last two years at the Texas Republican ‘rape of Texas’ by using it to create political agenda, opposing the Federal government at every turn, lawsuit after lawsuit to gain publicity for our  self serving Texas executive leadership.

Coming soon a formal Declaration of War by the Generation Party…

Stay tuned

Meet Battleground Texas Luncheon with Austin Environmental Democrats

Battleground Texas - The Line in the Sand is Drawn

The Line in the Sand
by Michael Steenbergen – FebruarBattleground-Texasy 26, 2013
Generation Party Democratic Caucus

Battleground Texas had a fantastic first day of ‘fighting’ yesterday! News reports and media appearances heralded the arrival of the Battleground Texas executive team in Austin, Texas to launch the project. From morning News shows to late night talk shows, Battleground Texas was the ‘talk of the town’ across the state and the nation, invoking immediate blustering and challenges from Texas Republican Party members, including the Governor. A line in the sand has truly been drawn, and Battleground Texas is asking citizens of the state to step across it and help with the fight for the Democratic Party side.

Some of the media commentary and appearances yesterday and today …

CBS: Could Texas become a swing state?

ABC: Democrats Advance Effort to Turn Texas Blue

Washington Post: Obama campaign veterans launch effort to turn Lone Star State blue

Colbert Report: Battleground Texas – Jeremy Bird

Perry issues challenge to “Battleground Texas” swing state effort

Chad’s Morning Brief: Battleground Texas Launches

Obama political operatives relocate to “Battleground Texas” to make it a swing-state

A Note for Texas Republicans


Vote out the Republican Party Obstructionists!

Vote Out the Republican Party Obstructionists

Vote Out the Republican Party Obstructionists

Democratic Party Donkey


Be My Valentine!

Representative Lloyd Doggett of Texas supports and opens the GenParty Spirit of Texas Rally in Marble Falls.

Representative Lloyd Doggett of Texas supports and opens the GenParty Spirit of Texas Rally in Marble Falls.

Representative Lloyd Doggett of Texas supports and opens the GenParty Spirit of Texas Rally in Marble Falls.

Representative Lloyd Doggett of Texas supports and opens the GenParty Spirit of Texas Rally in Marble Falls.

Robert F Kennedy Dreams of Tomorrow

Robert F Kennedy

Robert F Kennedy

GenParty Sponsors – The Dilemma of Economic Theories by Vern Turner

Vernon Turner, Texas Writer

Vernon Turner, Texas Writer

Vernon Turner, Texas Writer



The Dilemma of Economic Theories
by Vern Turner

There are many gloom and doom artists out there writing about t

he demise of our world conflicts in economics and social behaviors. I have quoted several books, articles and authors in past columns who either offer a solution or redefine the problem. Some even go so far as to define the cause of our dilemma centered on the unequal distribution of goods, services, food, water and freedom from disease as a disconnect between rates of biological and sociological evolution (The Watchman’s Rattle – Rebecca Costa). Others derive today’s Western version of capitalism from the 16th-19th century loot-and-plunder tactics of Europeans against indigenous populations (What is America?: A Short History of the New World Order).

The following three quotes define, I think, why economic systems associated with capitalism are so easily perverted from its original intent. Economic theory either resists or ignores the natural intention of humans to fend for themselves first, fend for the tribe next and to acquire, by whatever means possible, those resources that will ensure the survival of the tribe and the individual. A truly socialistic society, therefore, theoretically cannot exist.
“The problem of social organization is how to set up an arrangement under which greed will do the least harm; capitalism is that kind of syste

m”. – Milton Friedman
“Capitalism is the astounding belief that the most wickedest of men will do the most wickedest of things for the greatest good of everyone”. – John Maynard Keynes.
“Unregulated capitalism will destroy itself from within”. – paraphrased from Karl Marx.
Obviously, history has shown that these three statements have been, to varying degrees, accurate. It is how they are balanced during any given period that determines how well or how poorly the society does while operating under capitalism. When there is sufficient money circulating, more people do well. When the money is being hoarded or moved to offshore banks, fewer people do well and only the wealthiest get richer.

The dilemma that neither Friedman nor Keynes anticipated was created by the voraciousness of capitalism. Because, during their time, there were still resources to exploit; indeed they seemed endless and new ones were discovered all the time. The driving motive for profit made people ceaseless innovators to not only increase profits through invention, but to make products faster and cheaper in order to continually increase profits. Now those resources are drying up. We’ve roamed the entire planet looking for more oil and gas, for example, while the sun continues to provide free energy sufficient to run dozens of Earths every day. We ignore solar energy applications mostly because it doesn’t show short-term profit under today’s capitalism.
Investors today are only interested in growing businesses

that show growing profits. I recently listened to an “analyst” say that investors were losing interest in Apple because it showed little growth lately and indicated slow near-future growth. “Oh, Apple is still hugely profitable, but investors need to see growth before they will risk their money”, he said.
If this is true throughout the world of investment, finance and stockholding, then good and great companies that don’t grow will see their stock value decline, thus reducing their new investments, even though they are making lots of money. How is this possible?
It’s the greed thing. Greed is the element of survival for humans. We developed it consciously when we learned how to stash food and resources during lean times in order to survive them. More must be better. Gree

d has evolved into a necessity of living in today’s world of wealth. Now, wealth MUST grow, or the wealthy person doesn’t feel so wealthy and thus insecure. So, what is wealth?
Is wealth the assurance of longer life? Sort of. If you are wealthy you can afford the finest in private care, while those of less wealth may not be able to afford that care – in the United States, anyway. We’re still struggling with the concept of universal health care that the rest of the world has realized improves their entire society. In those countries, money is spent on the general population instead of on just the few who want to control wealth, and

who get to be wealthy.
This is the model of Milton Friedman and his stratified society economic plan: Supply-side economics. This idea to control wealth by having the wealthy control it instead of the government regulating it has been tried a couple times in our history and resulted in catastrophic economic failure each time – except for the wealthy.
During these times the citizenry rebelled and the government was once again “allowed” to regulate wealth distribution and even make programs that kept people from starving to death or creating another revolution. A

nd this was in the 20th century! The cries for small government, mostly from the Republican Party, resulted in an even bigger government with a Congress pretty much bought and paid for by the wealthy – presumably to do the bidding of those “contributors”.
Here is the dilemma in a nutshell. We are running out of familiar resources. We are loath to invest in renewable energy resources because they aren’t immediately profitable. Yes, the profit motive creates innovation for new ways to become more profitable and for more people to become richer, but the lords of finance have to decide there is a market. Supply-side ec

onomics stifles innovation because it ignores the greed of those controlling capital that send it away from our own economic engine. The Keynes approach allows government to stimulate growth both in job creation and available capital so that more citizens can improve their lives through gainful employment, taxes, etc. It keeps money circulating – lots of it.
Finally, Marx and Engels floated too much idealism while ignoring the hoarding, greedy nature of humans actually working and sharing their society with one another. Communism stifles innovation and makes despotism too easy to form in controlling the anti-communistic instincts of people still living and thinking like it was 50,000 B.C.
Now that we’ve identified the d

ilemma, what do we do about it?

Go For Broke: Doubling Down on a Democratic Texas

The Secretary Treasurer of the Generation Party Democratic Caucus has been a domain broker for over 20 years now and is leading an internet offensive against the Republican Party in Texas.  In this role, Michael Steenbergen did not blink an eye or flicker even a finger as he led GenParty in purchasing the entire sweep of the DemocraticTexas  domain name set:  .Com, .Net, .Org, .Info.  The political group is developing rapidly a new network of Texas Democratic Party related domains.

This would supplement what the Texas political action committee already controls under web Guru Steenbergen’s tutelage, which is  a powerful set of politically oriented and networked domains.

Domain purchase of DemocraticTexas

Democratic Texas

National Democrats Start “Battle Ground Texas” Project: Invest Millions


National Democrats are taking steps to create a large-scale independent group aimed at turning traditionally conservative Texas into a prime electoral battleground, crafting a new initiative to identify and mobilize progressive voters in the rapidly-changing state, strategists familiar with the plans told POLITICO.

The organization, dubbed “Battleground Texas,” plans to engage the state’s rapidly growing Latino population, as well as African-American voters and other Democratic-leaning constituencies that have been underrepresented at the ballot box in recent cycles. Two sources said the contemplated budget would run into the tens of millions of dollars over several years – a project Democrats hope has enough heft to help turn what has long been an electoral pipe dream into reality.

BREAKING NEWS UPDATE: GenParty purchases http://battlegroundtexas.info/

Makes Bid for Major Role in Battle!

Democrats Make Stand at “Battle Ground Texas”: Draw Blue Line in the Sand

Generation Party Democratic Caucus Experiences Phenomenal Growth

Generation Party Democratic Caucus Experiences Phenomenal Growth in Reach
The GenParty just keeps growing and growing. Thank you to everyone that follows our posts and ideas, whether you agree or not, Dialogue is Democracy. We appreciate every visit. – Michael Steenbergen, Treasurer, James Phoenix, Co-chair and Tracy Brownlee, Co-chair, GenParty Officers for 2013

Generation Party Democratic Caucus Experiences Phenomenal Growth

Generation Party Democratic Caucus Experiences Phenomenal Growth

Democratic National Committee is Meeting: Washington, D.C.

Rosalie Weisfeld, Gilberto Hinojosa and Linda Chavez-Thompson attend Democratic National Committee Meeting

Rosalie Weisfeld, Gilberto Hinojosa and Linda Chavez-Thompson attend Democratic National Committee Meeting

Today in Washington, DC the Democratic National Committee is meeting.  Debbie Wasserman Schultz is being re-elected Chair of DNC while Donna Brazille is serving as the interim Chair for the election.  Rosalie Weisfeld is in attendance.